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Department H Tokyo – The Weirdest, and greatest, Fetish Party Ever!

Опубликовано: September 3, 2020 в 12:23 am

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Department H Tokyo – The Weirdest, and greatest, Fetish Party Ever!

We had already tried one fetish club during our Tokyo getaway (Deca Bar Z), and then we thought we’d heard of oddball antics that are best we might ever get to have.

. We had been therefore incorrect.

Absolutely Nothing would definitely prepare us for the kooky and mystifying that is downright of experiences that could come next…


I happened to be delighted to obtain in the air plane, however it really was my boyfriend’s fantasy location. And, since I have had about just as much concept of how to handle it as being a five-year-old traveling a fighter jet, he finished up responsible for 99% of this research and preparation.

This is the way we wound up at Department H.

Inside our minds, it absolutely was merely another to-do that is monthly kinks collected along with enjoyable.

We somehow ignored the very fact we had been in Japan – house of maid cafes, natural horse meat, and Rabbit Island. We had been like kiddies in the Oscars – pleased during the environment that is sparkly high power vibes, but clueless about what we had been actually getting involved in.

A lot of crossdressers and drag queens.

First thing we discovered had been that solution rates had been dramatically cheaper in the event that you wore clothing that is appropriate.

We went to your sex that is 10-story we had present in Akihabara a couple of days earlier in the day and purchased several inexpensive add-ons to toss in addition to my leather-based gown and attempted to disguise my boyfriend’s dark road clothing. Then, we jumped in a taxi and kept our hands crossed it might be no problem finding while using platform heels.


The medial side road entry ended up being just no problem finding due to the cue for the fabulously stylish freaks (the place is really unassuming).

Credit: Bing Maps – Kinema Club

There is tones of latex, a surprising level of road clothing, and several big bags or backpacks full of costumes.