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How I paid off nearly $70,000 in debt in 2 years

Опубликовано: October 6, 2020 в 11:56 am

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How I paid off nearly $70,000 in debt in 2 years

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In 2013, when I was laid off from the small New Hampshire newspaper where I worked, I did what any other functional unemployed person would do: I decided I should move — to a city I couldn’t afford, without any savings!

We’ve all heard that famous New York City motto — you know, “The city so nice they named it twice” — but allow me to propose an updated version: They named it twice because everything here costs double.

Back when I first moved to New York, my thrilling life as a 28-year-old college-educated person in the modern era meant I also brought along tons of student debt.

“How did I get here?” I pondered, while I attempted to sleep on a couch that wasn’t mine.

Well, it all started when I decided I would go to college. Ah, yes — it started when I decided to educate myself.

How I ended up with debt

A few years after I graduated from high school, I was still living at home, paying rent to my parents and working third shift at a gas station in a rural Tennessee community.

I decided I wanted a change. I knew if I continued down this path, I would never be able to live the life I dreamed of.

Few in my family went to college and my high school didn’t exactly push higher education. I remember my guidance counselor telling a friend of mine to just leave and get a factory job, because college would be too difficult. So, incredibly late in the game, I stumbled my way through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, and received some money in the form of grants. My parents couldn’t help me with tuition and couldn’t even qualify for PLUS loans (federal loans for students’ parents who meet certain criteria).

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With my limited knowledge, I took out my first student loan, based on an “estimate” from the college’s website.